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Everything you need to know about the upcoming Windows 10 update

The next major update for Windows 10 is due to release in May 2019. Although Microsoft hasn't confirmed any dates yet, many suspect it's towards the end of May. Also known as Windows 1903 or 19H1, the update will introduce new helpful features and improve mechanism to fix old problems.  As with previous major Windows 10 updates, it is free! We highlight some main features confirmed by Microsoft so far.

New Light Desktop Theme

The new release will bring in the option of a light desktop theme in contrast to the current dark theme. This provides a lighter coloured design for the start menu, taskbar and the background. You can choose to use light, dark, or a combination of both as your theme.

Improved Start Menu

The new default Start menu is less cluttered with tiles and shortcuts for pre-installed apps. The design is simpler and easier on the eye. It will also have its own dedicated process "StartMenuExperienceHost.exe." rather than being hosted by "ShellExperienceHost.exe." This will make the Start menu more reliable, responsive and smoother running according to Microsoft.

Cortana Separated From the Search Box

Image Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana, which was previously integrated with the search box, will become a separate Cortana icon on the Windows taskbar. With the new update, you have the option of hiding the Cortana icon, search box or both. Having Cortana separated also means you get a straightforward operating system search. And if you want to use Cortana, you can summon it through the separate icon.

Ability to Pause Updates

Image Credit: Microsoft

Another notable feature is, along with Enterprise and Professional Windows 10 users, Home edition users will have the ability to pause Windows updates for a set number of days. This gives you time to see if the update is working correctly. If there are issues, you can pause the update until they've been fixed.

Reserved Storage for Updates

Image Credit: Microsoft

The new update also reserves around a 7GB storage space for future Windows Updates. This ensures updates are installed properly and prevents any update failures.

Experiment with Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox provides an integrated and isolated desktop environment, allowing you to run software and test setting and codes without affecting your host operating system. When you close the Sandbox, all the software and files in there are deleted. Note this feature is only available on Professional, Enterprise, and Education editions at this stage.

Improved Error Messages

Image Credit: Microsoft Community

Instead of leaving you helpless and wondering what to do when you encounter errors, Microsoft has made their error messages more helpful in the new update. Future error messages offer options for a solution and include a link to a knowledge base (rather than forcing users to rely on Google for answers). We're glad to see an end to cryptic error messages like “Something happened” or “For more info go to KB0000000.”!

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