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Why Hackers Target Smaller Websites

Contrary to popular belief, smaller websites tend to get hacked more commonly than large corporate websites because they have less "defenses." Large corporate websites tend to invest more into security and are much more difficult targets for hackers. Furthermore, these hacks are not personal in nature - in fact they are performed by "robots," programmed…
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Top 3 Tech Trends That Will Change The Way You Do Business

Here are the top 3 tech trends that are going to affect how you do business, both online and offline! 1. Artificial Intelligence Tech Giants like Google have invested $400 million into AI start-up DeepMind. Not to mention others like Microsoft, Facebook and Tesla also jumping into the fray. With these major players developing AI systems, you…
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Change your office computers to Mac and save

Our newsletter, which you're welcome to read via this link ( ) IBM's IT guy says Macs cost companies about 33 per cent as much to run as Windows PCs. Cult IT figure and former entertainment intern Fletcher Previn, who is today IBM’s VP of Workplace as a Service, said at last year’s Jamf…
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Need Protection? Result IT Will Back You Up

Why back up? As we become more tech-dependent in the pursuit of streamlined business processes, it’s easy to forget that information stored on our computers can be lost. Music, documents, photos, spreadsheets and more – all can be misplaced, stolen, lost or hacked. By creating a backup on an external hard drive or online backup…
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