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How Important is a Company Website to Your Business?

How Important is a Company Website to Your Business?


Today, nearly everything is digital and nearly anything can be found online. Around 50% of New Zealand SMEs have a company website, but how important and how valuable is a company website to you and your business.

First Impressions Count

We all know the importance of a first impression, and it has been said that a company’s website is its true first impression on prospective customers. With the rise of the internet and the rise in popularity of sites like Facebook, Yelp and Localist, behaviours have switched from gathering information by ear to gathering information through sources found online. Essentially, your Facebook page, your LinkedIn page, or your company website’s act as a first impression to your visitors and potential customers. Therefore, not only is it important to have a company website, it is also important to ensure that the content on your website makes a great first impression. Content such as customer testimonials and company achievements are some ways in which can help portray the quality of your company from your website.

Marketing Made Simple

Company websites also act as a great platform for marketing and promotional materials. You have the opportunity to provide website visitors with company information, promotions, deals, articles and much more which can help market your company further and improve chances of customer engagement and also customer retention. Marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are great examples of how your website can be used as an extremely important piece of digital media. 

How Are You Being Perceived

The mere fact you have a quality website can potentially create the image that you are a successful company. In contrast, a company who does not have a website can create the idea that maybe the company is not as professional or as successful as those that do. The content on your website portrays what and who you and your company are, so the complete control you have with the company website means you have full control over the content that goes into it.

Accessible to the world 24/7

“Sorry we’re closed” are the words no customer wants to hear and no business wants to say. But now with the power of the internet, your business has the potential to stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it be customers sending you queries or customers purchasing products through your online store, your website keeps your company open all the time and available to anyone, anywhere. 

Be Discovered

Remember the Yellow Pages? The large directories that used to be delivered to your door every year? Yeah, those are a thing of the past. The advertisements in those directories used to represent your company but have now been replaced by the website. Companies like Yelp and Localist are new businesses which kind of act as the online Yellow Pages, allowing your company to be discovered and accessed at any time by anyone. The internet and the website also allows companies to be discovered globally. Your website is not limited to one specific city or country, and therefore facilitates the transition from being a local business to becoming a global one.

We Want to Hear From You

Send us an email at or post onto our Facebook Page and let us know your websites’ success stories. Do you recommend SMEs to open up a company website?

Let Us Help

When your website is designed and ready to open it is important that everything that goes on behind the scenes is ready too. Advanced Computers provide services such as, setting up office 365 and syncing business emails across all company devices, which are essential in ensuring you and your website are ready to go live. Feel free to call us today on (09) 526-1800 or send us an email and we can discuss the matter personally.

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