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What Will 2015 Mean For You and Your Business?

What will 2015 mean for you and your business?

What will 2015 bring for enterprises? This seems to be a hot topic in many business blogs and forums. However Russell Craig, national technology officer for Microsoft New Zealand, has shared what he thinks New Zealand businesses will look like not in 2015, but in 2040.
“With all the amazing technology that’s been developed over the past century, we’ve still not managed to invent a crystal ball to see what the business world will look like in 25 years’ time,” he says. “If we did, I expect it would become the bestselling gadget of all time.”
Craig says, “Three dramatic technological shifts have occurred in the last couple of years which – if their global surge is anything to go by – provide us with a clear window on what the future of business may look like.”

1. The way that people use technology has evolved
Mobile and touch devices are becoming more and more common not only in the home, but also in the office. We’re all pursuing lives with greater connectedness and mobility so it’s only fair to assume that there will be an equal change in the understanding of our workplaces – becoming flexible entities. Office “locations” may become a thing of the past, as telecommuting truly comes into its own.

2. The overwhelming shift in the business world into the cloud
This is not something new to any business. No doubt it’s been on many radars however, as time goes on the cloud is going to continue to play bigger and more important roles in the everyday mechanixs of businesses in NZ. This will precipitate a business environment where it is increasingly easy to do business on a global scale. Equally, doing business in such an ‘always on, always connected’ world will present certain challenges, but also many new opportunities, both at home and abroad.

3. The 3D printing revolution
Although still in its early development stages, this new technology will redefine how we manufacture and distribute goods. As the technology continues to improve to the point where we can print a component instead of ordering one made elsewhere, the focus for many businesses will become exporting IP, rather than physical goods. Of course, this will also have a significant impact on our current manufacturing industries, and the jobs that currently exist in those sectors may not in 25 years.

Craig says for New Zealand business, these shifts in technology will converge with shifts in population. “Forecasts suggest that by 2040, half the population of New Zealand will be located in Auckland, and even more connected than we are now, as the ‘internet of everything’ continues to advance,” he says.

Chris continues “Microsoft New Zealand’s vision for business is closely aligned with this perception. We are passionate about driving innovation, education and our local partner network to grow New Zealand businesses, connect Kiwis to what matters to them, and compete on the world stage.”

“For those Kiwi businesses that can embrace the technological shifts towards a flexible, mobile workforce, empowered by cloud solutions with devices to enable them to work better and faster, the future of business in New Zealand is certainly bright.”

Are you prepared for these technological changes?
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