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Data Recovery
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Data Recovery


Data recovery is a process to retrieve lost information from hard drives, USB, memory cards and other storage devices. All businesses rely on information. Whether it is customer contacts, transaction and sales history or client information - the past, present and future of a business is based on data.

At Result IT, we offer data recovery services to protect you and your company from the crushing loss of vital data. The importance of data in business cannot be overstated. We constantly improve on our data recover technology to ensure you get the best service.

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Every business has unique data. Companies use multiple systems with different file types, storage locations and shared documents. Imagine you’re working on your computer and the operating system or hard drive crashes without warning. Unfortunately, you forgot to create a backup. All the data is lost, which creates a nightmare scenario for any business. How are you going to recover?

Need your data recovered now? Submit our data recovery form and get started.

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Result IT is an Authorised Service Centre under Seagate Recovery Services.

As a certified partner of the world's leading data storage and services companies, Seagate, we know data. Entrust your files' safety to the best in the business. In addition to building the drives that store your most important files, we can help you retrieve them when you accidentally delete or damage your hard drive. With a top in the country success rate of 95% and above, we have proven to our customers that we are the place to go for data recovery.

Seagate Recovery Services



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Fast Diagnosis

We know no one likes to wait especially when it comes to data recovery. We can offer 1 hour express service.


Careful Process

Your data is sensitive and we treat the process very carefully so we can recover as much data as possible.

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All Storage Devices

We can recover data with all types of storage devices from a USB to a memory card, and even servers.

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Qualified Experts

We are an authorized data recovery centre. You can trust our Seagate Certified Experts to recover your data.


Success in data recovery greatly depends on device conditions. Success rate is the highest when you immediately deliver to specialists. Unprofessional attempts usually result in aggravating the problem and will cause extra damage and lost of data. 
We offer express services to cut you in the line if you need your device urgently. You can contact us for urgent matters, we understand how important it is to get sensitive data recovered ASAP, such as information for IRD.
Although we can't guarantee 100% of your data will be recovered, but you can rest assured that you have the best team recovering your data with a 95%+ success rate. 


We can offer express services to recover your data quickly and effectively.

Give us a call at (09) 526 1800 and we will help you recover your valuable data.

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