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Meet Your Future PC

Meet your future PC

Sluggish, stupefying PCs are one of our favourite business topics to complain about. But that might not be the case much longer.

Here are 4 technologies that are about to revolutionise your PC and make it more interactive, fun and productive than you ever thought it could be.


Wireless world
Many manufacturers have set their minds on making wireless charging available in 2015.

This could mean that before long public spaces like coffee shops and airports will be kitted with charging stations, making it increasingly convenient to work on the go. And when it comes to wireless capabilities, charging your laptop is only the beginning. We can also look forward to connecting our laptops wirelessly to displays, and not having to deal with expensive HDMI or DisplayPort cables in the near future.


Even Smarter PCs
Manufacturers are in the process of developing technologies that will combine visual, voice and sound input to recognise human moods and reading habits. That means that your desktop will become intuitive and pre-empt your needs and actions – creepy but cool!

That may be a little while away however, what we can look forward to right now, is the introduction of RealSense 3D cameras. Not only will they be able to recognise objects and even measure distances between items, the camera’s Kinect-like gesture recognition capabilities will also take PC gaming to the next level – enter hands free and interactive fun.


Biometric sensors

What if you didn’t have to use traditional passwords at all? Forget about trying to remember 15 different passwords and say hello to biometric authentication. During this year many PCs will come with software that will allow you to log into your PC itself and all those gated websites, with biometric authentication such as a fingerprint reader.


Sleek design meets streamlined functionality
Laptops are hitting the market that are as thin as 15 millimetres. With its sleekness comes a longer battery life thanks to next generation processors and chips. But it doesn’t stop there: new DDR4 memory will make applications and games run a lot faster in desktops, too. And then for the grand finale; Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS is set to replace the controversial Windows 8 this year. You can be sure that the new OS will take advantage of all these new technologies.


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