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Communication evolves daily. Technology for home and business shifts constantly. Traditional telecommunications are being retired, paving the way for Voice Over Internet Protocol Systems (VOIP).

VOIP is the latest business-generating technology that allows you to communicate on a global level. It’s faster, more efficient and more cost-effective than traditional telecommunication systems. Businesses across the globe are switching over to VOIP for all of the benefits it provides.

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VOIP is available on all 3G/Wi-Fi devices with Internet capabilities, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. The digital signals don’t bind with hardware only. This makes it easier to change and maintain the VOIP system. As your business grows, you’ll need a variety of features to succeed in a competitive market.

VOIP provides numerous tools that you can add to your system at any time. At Result IT, we know small businesses prosper by keeping up with technological developments. We offer high-quality VOIP solutions to help your small business thrive.


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Cost Reduction

VOIP only costs you when you’re actually speaking. On average, VOIP saves up to 50% of your monthly phone expense

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Convenience & Accessibility

VOIP can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. You don’t have to be in the office to conduct business

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Easy To Use

The setup is easy and we will give you a full tutorial and manual on how to use your VOIP system

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Additional Features

You can get caller ID, call waiting, blocking, forwarding, toll-free numbers and more, depending on what you need


On average, you will save up to 50% compared to your current phone solutions. 
With VOIP phone system, we can set it up for you in 5 minutes, while it takes more than a week for traditional phone system. 
VOIP phone system is developed to give your business more competitive edge in current fierce market, key benefits include flexible routing, capturing all customer phone calls, business landline can follow you, and also present your company at a larger scale. 


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