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There are so many options for Internet connectivity that it can be overwhelming. How do you decide which option is best for your company? Result IT will help you customise your internet solution, specific to your needs, requirements, and budget. We don’t offer pre-defined packages to limit your company growth, we want to understand your business first to offer you more value.

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Not only do businesses need Internet connections, they also need them to be high speed. Every day is a constant stream of incoming data and any glitch in the flow can slow down production drastically. At Result IT, we provide Internet connection services that keep your business moving through high and low points alike.

The Internet is everywhere. Small or large, your company needs to harness this tool. Whether it’s connecting to customers or performing research, there won’t be a single moment when your team is not using an Internet connection.


Types of internet connections we offer

Ultra-Fast Broadband delivers huge quantities of data quicker and further than traditional connection services.

VDSL offers a significantly higher transfer rate than traditional ADSL services.

Dedicated Fiber
Dedicated Fiber services take care of long-term needs and provide a quick return value.

Wireless Satellite
Wireless Satellite eliminates the need for cables and works wherever you’re at, no matter how rural your location is.



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Customised Solutions

Result IT will customise your internet solution instead of overselling you with a package deal.

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Unlimited Usage

Sick of “capping”? Our internet solutions come with unlimited usage at ultrafast connection speed.

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Customer Support

We look after our customer very well, and we make sure you get the timely support that you need.

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For Anyone, Anywhere

No matter where you are and what you do, we got the right solutions from UFB, VDSL, Dedicated Fiber, to Wireless Satellite.


Most of the internet plans in the market are pre-defined packages, which aren't customised for the best of your business. We recommend a tailored internet solutions so you pay only what you need.
Certainly, we can offer wireless satellite service available in every corner of the country.  
Every place is different in terms of what connections are available, give us a call and we can help you do an obligation free consultation. 


To find out how Result IT can help your
business customise a solution for your
internet, please don’t hesitate to give
us a call at (09) 526 1800

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