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Disaster Recovery Plan


Result IT offers comprehensive disaster recovery plans that could help you drastically reduce down time. Whether it is your server or workstations experiencing a disaster, a proper disaster recovery plan could restore everything within hours rather than days.

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Disasters happen almost daily. Most people would prefer not to think of them, but planning for a catastrophic event could mean the difference between recovering and closing your business permanently. Normal business operations come to an abrupt stop when disaster strikes, and most business can’t afford a long period of down time.

Every business, large and small, needs a disaster recovery plan to ensure a safe recovery from emergencies. Nobody knows what is going to happen in the next few hours or even the next few minutes, but you can be prepared for it.



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Reduced Disruption

With a well-built disaster recovery plan, you won’t have to worry about potential operational disruption.

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Maintaining Security

Our plans include security measures that are taken to preserve your company’s data and operations.

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Quick Restoration Aid

Disaster recovery plans minimise restoration time. Everything will be recovered with minimal down time.

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Reliable Support

When it comes to disaster recovery plan, having a reliable support team will come in handy for your business.


This is a very common mistake businesses make, this type of backup isn't very safe as you won't have time to back up your hard drive everyday, and it is hard to say if the hard drive has successfully backed up everything. A dedicated backup solution is still a safer choice. 
We work with you to understand your business first, then come up with a step by step strategy on how to mitigate disaster, as well as recovering from it. So when it does happen, you can significantly reduce your down time. 


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