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Five Business Tips To Stay Cyber-safe

We can help improve the IT security of your business.
Here are five tips which will help.

1. Encryption

We’ve seen giants companies like LinkedIn, Target, Home Depot and Sony suffer massive leaks and invasions. We need to be thinking a lot more about encryption, which is the safest way to encode your information so only those that are authorised to view it may do so. The use of tech like PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) helps on a Mac; in  Windows, it’s GPG4Win toolset, using GNU.
This is recommended for the storage of static files that you don’t use often, plus storing sensitive emails. There are also TrueCrypt, FileVault, Bitlocker and other options all of which Result IT can give advice on. Just ring us, book an onsite consultation and we'll explain everything.

2. Functional Isolation

Think about your payment system, payroll, ticketing, collaboration tools, administrative systems, social media, accounting, finances and billing.
Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses are designed to streamline what was formerly difficult so we could speed growth. However, when trying to account for all the bits of information being flung across the web, it gets complicated. No single individual should have access to all your systems, so Result IT can help set up permission and access options for everybody in your team.

3. Being Informed and Up-to-date

Training, upskilling and educating staff is something that is easy to keep on top of for a while then forget. We might assume our staff know better than to let risk into the company, or we don’t want to be the bad guy wasting people’s time with teachings we don’t completely understand.
Everyone employee needs to have a vested interest in the business being risk-averse and hack-proof. It’s okay to share that burden with your staff, and to bring in outside experts like Result IT to teach awareness of the risk of malware.

4. Treat Hacking Threats Seriously

Don’t assume just because you don’t have a website that your business is not at risk.
Security and convenience clash. Some of the controls we invest in and monitor might seem excessive but once turned into habits, they become a kind of insurance.

5. Watch out for email, because it’s the main way malware gets in

Email is a critical system we all depend on. We leverage it as a multi-factor authentication tool but often email may unfortunately be the last thing we think about securing.

Result IT can advise on Two-Factor / Multi-Factor Authentication and make sure the same email account’s protection spreads to all mobile and app devices.

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