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Clean That Machine! How server cleaning protects your IT equipment from overheating


At Result IT,dirty server we offer cleaning of internal communications equipment, IT equipment, servers, data equipment, tape libraries and more.
We’re often asked to clean servers after they have been exposed to a lot of dust or left uncleaned for years. That dust may come from drilling or simply from human beings scuffing the carpet and scratching skin.
The problem is dust build up inside the equipment will cause increases in heat which requires the internal fans to work harder using more power. You do not want your server to overheat, especially if your business records aren’t backed up (remember, we offer cloud storage solutions to prevent that sort of thing)!

Ionic interference, short circuits to burn out of fans caused by abrasion are possible. One fan burn out in the UK detected by caused $NZ20,000 worth of gas to discharge into the room.

When Result IT cleans for you, we de-cable and remove the server from the rack. After ensuring we have static protection sorted out, we then strip the server/switch etc to its component parts, removing fans, airways, disks and other removable items.

We will then clean the server using HEPA filtered vacuums and specialist tools. Once we have completed the clean we will reassemble the server and put it back in its rack and re-cable the equipment.

Reach Result IT at 67 Station Road East, Penrose, Auckland
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