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IBM's IT guy says Macs cost companies about 33 per cent as much to run as Windows PCs.

Cult IT figure and former entertainment intern Fletcher Previn, who is today IBM’s VP of Workplace as a Service, said at last year’s Jamf Nation User Conference that Macs were less expensive than Windows, in terms of support (Jamf makes software that manage fleets of iOS and Mac devices.) Only five per cent of IBM’s Mac employees needed desktop support regularly. Compare that to the 40 per cent of PC users Previn said cost time and money.

IBM plans to distribute 150,000-200,000 Macs to workers. That will ultimately mean half of IBM’s nearly 400,000 employees will be using Macs.
Mac users need less help, Previn said. Initially a Mac may cost $400-$1000 more than a similarly configured Windows PC, over four years IBM will save $US270 to $US540 per Mac.
Windows PCs are 3 times more expensive, he says, when you factor in all the extra software you must buy.

There may be $US57m more in expenses per 100,000 Windows machines per year, Previn estimated. “This is a conservative number. This represents the best pricing we’ve ever gotten from Microsoft.”

Previn also said IBM employees rave about what they can do on a Mac, with satisfaction ratings reported at over 90 per cent. Apparently people are so happy that IBM’s Japan unit said Macs will become their new standard, while having a PC will be treated as an exception.

One other factor is IBM staff prefer iPhones and iPads, Previn reported, saying just under two thirds of the mobile devices used by IBM staff run iOS. “The challenge is, all the people that still have Blackberries can fire me, so it’s hard to force it from them,” he said, to rapt laughter.
It’s all about simpleness and usability of technology, Previn concluded, saying you don’t have to “push it on” staff. “If you make it simple and easy for people to use, they will pull it from you.”


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