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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Launches in New Zealand

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (MD365) has finally launched in New Zealand and Australia.


Business Central brings the full power of Dynamics NAV to the cloud. Dynamics NAV is a enterprise resource planning platform that assists with finance, manufacturing, customer relationship and more.


What does it do?

MD365 is a cloud-based, business management software solution that’s set out to replace most entry-level accounting software or ERP systems.

It offers a single platform that will allow business owners to manage their finances, operations, sales and customer service.

A common problem many business owners face is the vast amounts of different software solutions and platforms they need to juggle.

For example, your sales CRM might manage just one aspect of your business, while your finance platform might not integrate smoothly, resulting in information silos.

This often causes additional costs for business owners and reduces productivity.

MD365 aims to remove business silos by providing a platform that combines all of these requirements into a single solution with the focus of cutting costs and raising productivity.

It also allows for automated tasks and workflows, all within popular Microsoft applications like Word, Outlook and Excel.

It also provides key insights into your business with connected data, business analytics and guidance with Microsoft’s intelligent technologies.

Lastly, MD365 will continually evolve and improve in real time as it is cloud based and flexible to fit a wide range of business needs.



How much will it cost?

Currently, MD365 can range in price from $40 to $210 per user every month (depending on business requirements).

All users on a single account must have the same license type so you won’t be able to mix and match different levels of service.


Why businesses are switching over

One of the key reasons why business owners are switching over to MD365 is because of it’s flawless integration with other Microsoft cloud services like Office 365.

It also simplifies many day-to-day business functions and can be customised with PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI.

One of the biggest reasons that business owners may want to switch to MD365 is because of the power it gives over sales and customer data.

For example, a survey of 300 small to medium businesses in Australia revealed that 74% believe that increasing the customer base is the way to grow their business and 60% say that maintaining and growing their current base is high on their priority list.


MD365 Functionalities

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials contains:

  • Customer Relationship Management - data related to contacts, marketing campaigns and opportunity management - all of which have built-in integration
  • Financial Management - can replace most entry-level accounting platforms as it allows for a general ledger, workflows, audit trails, bank management, budgets, deferrals, dimensions, bank reconciliation, fixed assets and currencies
  • Supply chain management - includes functions such as sales order management, purchase order management, receivables, item transfers and basic warehousing
  • Human resources - allows for employee and expenses management

Project Management - functions include resources, estimates, jobs and time sheets


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